20 Feet Taller

How to Grow in Leadership, Self-Confidence and Dominate Your Universe

How to repair your social anxiety in the new normal and grow 20 Feet Taller in leadership and self-confidence even if other leadership books have failed you.

Now more than ever people suffer from anxiety and more than ever are looking for leadership. I’m just like you. I just found real proven secrets that have been right in front of my face all along. If you are like me you are just trying to just be okay with who you are. There is no magic bullet to being a great leader, but there are magic words and phrases to build your leadership and self-confidence.

Is your mask on or off?

How do you find a place of comfort and safety and be exactly who I need to be?

The challenge is that most people struggle with this so how do they become an effective leader. The key is (KOS) knowledge of self-determination developing competence and knowing what are your pain points, negative triggers and overcoming them.

The good news is that people are ready to have a good life but where do they get started? The simple answer is to start from within! But without the tools to do so, we give up and let someone else think for us. You are better than that. I want you to start small and dominate your universe.

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In 20 Feet Taller, you will discover:

The question is simply will this work for me and the answer is, “Yes”! You may not care about leading people but you without a doubt will have to manage and lead yourself. You will need to acquire the keys to confidence and speak with purpose. You are not alone! If you wonder why you haven’t gotten the things you want then “Yes” this book is for you. If you often feel defeated then “Yes” this book will work for you. If you are tired if being sick and tired then, “Yes” this book will work for you.​

"Leadership is Social, Not Individualistic"

Alexander Haslam
Professor of Psychology at the University of Queensland

According to a North American survey, 54.1% of U.S. companies report not having enough leadership successors in place.

How will you get ready for your future?​

If you want to grow in leadership, self-confidence, and dominate your universe, get your copy today.