Outstanding! I have been a Professor for years and thought I had seen it all, but J. Thurman provided a topic that was relevant and timely...As a result of his presentation class enrollment has doubled.

Nubyin Mzeweke, Professor Clark Atlanta University, Atlanta, GA

20 Feet Taller: How To Grow In Leadership And Self-Confidence And Dominate your Universe

Best For: ALL - Employees and/or Leaders of All Backgrounds

Top Tier leadership training that is Engaging, Fun, High Impact and straight to the point. There are a lot of participation activities with some awesome icebreakers to get the mind in a new leadership mode. The sessions will give the participants tools to use immediately in their organizations and life.


“He enlightened me about mentoring to my students and to my foundation”


Keynote Speaking

Customized and well-crafted keynote presentation dedicated to your very specific theme focused on immediate change and ways to get over organizational hurdles. This Keynote shows immediate ways to jump over, crawl under and navigate around any organizational hurdles.

J. Thurman also provides elite Training, Workshops, and is a Master Facilitator for any event.

“He taught us a lot of important things about what we can do with the resources and skills we have already as people and how we can take those things and improve our own lives…”


Change Skills 101: Has Anyone Seen My Shoes?

Best For: ALL - Employees and/or Leaders of All Backgrounds

Change management skills are a necessity for those most likely to lead change in their organizations and leadership roles on campus and off. But they’re also useful for anyone likely to be involved in leading the way for effective communication and change.


Spots are filling up fast, so lets' get you a date booked.​

...I really loved it, because it helped me looked at life in a new way. My favorite parts that you discussed were: the fact of using an image that makes you happy as your “anchor”, and having a pleasing personality; SMILING MORE!!

NaVosha Copeland, The Arthur Langford, Jr. Teen Leadership Institute

How TRiO/Upward Bound Saved My Life: Getting on code with your purpose

Best For: ALL - Employees and/or Leaders of All Backgrounds

Students will be given strategies on how to get it together and learn to​​ help first-generation college students from low-income backgrounds tap into their own strengths and grit to overcome social, financial, and cultural barriers to higher education.


“he inspired me to do more things with my life”

“its a whole world of different opportunities that have opened up to me just from hearing him speak today”


W.A.G.E: How Not To Leave College Broke

Best For: ALL - Employees and/or Leaders of All Backgrounds

W.A.G.E stands for Wealth Action Guide for Entrepreneurs and is one of the most important programs that I present on. It is a power course on self-reliance and changing the power dynamics in your innate abilities. Plus, I show you how not to leave college broke, in debt and without a workable personalized financial plan.


If your campus has multiple locations let's bring them for one Awesome Event